Illinois Runs Training Programs
This 8-week training program will get you from a non-aerobic fitness
level of no running to finishing the Alpine 5K. You can use this training
program to help you build up your mileage steadily.  By steadily
increasing your mileage you are less likely to get injured before your 5K
race. You will be both physically and mentally stronger just knowing
that you have done all the physical and mental training needed to get
you through the distance of the 5K race. What better way to go
through the experience than with the camaraderie of other fellow
runners of your level? The experienced group leaders will guide you
through your weekend group training runs as they share their
experiences with you. There will be group leaders of many different
speeds from a 9:00 pace per mile to the 12:00 pace per mile. Don’t
worry if you think you might be too slow to run with a group because
you won’t be. No runner will ever be left to run on his own. The group
leaders are there to answer your questions and help you get through
each weekend run. All weekend training runs will provide water and
Gatorade at every 2 to 3 miles along the course.

To give you the opportunity to receive all the educational clinics we are
offering a half day session full of clinics at the Barn in Paulus Park, 200
S. Rand Road in Lake Zurich. You will also have the opportunity to
register and pick up your packet before and during this session. The
session will include clinics on Training Methods and Goals, Injury
Prevention, Nutrition for Endurance Runners, Shoe Selection and
Apparel! Our speakers are experienced runners and experts in their

This is a beginning running program, there is no requirement of a
fitness level of running needed.

You will receive:
  • Educational lectures given by marathon runners who are
    professionals in their field on Training Methods and Goals, Injury
    Prevention Nutrition, Shoe selection and Apparel Site Logistics
    and Race Day Strategy & Recovery
  • I-Run Discount at our sponsoring Specialty Running Shoe Stores
  • 8 Saturday morning small group runs lead by friendly experienced
    group leaders at various paces
  • A Cool-max singlet
  • 8-week training schedule
  • 8 mid-week group training runs
  • Handouts
  • AthletiCo Rehabilitation therapist at specific group runs
  • AthletiCo Toll Free Injury Hotline
  • Chicago Athlete Magazine delivered to your home for one year
  • Race entry fee is not included – register now here.

Registration and Packet Pickup
Register online here. You may register and pickup your packet at the
educational training session on Wednesday, June 4 starting at 6:30pm
before and during the entire session. If you do not or cannot pick up
your packets, there will be an additional $10.00 fee for packet mailing.

Half Marathon Training Program Educational Training Session Date
and Location

Lake Zurich
– The Barn at Paulus Park, 200 S. Rand Road
Wednesday July 9, 2008 7:00pm through 10:00pm

Clinic Schedule

7:00pm – Training Methods and Goals
7:30pm – Injury Prevention
8:00pm – Nutrition for Endurance Runners
8:30pm – Shoe Selection & Running Apparel
9:00pm – Training Run and Race Logistics
9:30pm – Wrap-Up

Alpine 5K Training Program Weekend Training Runs

Lake Zurich –
Northwest Suburbs, Saturdays 7:30 a.m. July 12 through
August 30
Group meets at the Lake Zurich Senior High School, 300 Church St.,
lower parking lot

Lake Zurich 5K Training Program Mid-Week Training Runs

Lake Zurich –
Northwest Suburbs – Paulus Park ½ mile north of Route
22 on Route 12
Tuesdays 6:30 p.m.